Making virtual worlds
possible for everyone

NCTech is offering the opportunity to become a Virtualizer - where you can earn money whilst helping to Virtualize the world.

All you need to do is drive the routes we provide you with on our VR.World app, capturing them with the iSTAR Pulsar imaging system and you’ll get paid per mile for the data at a commercially competitive rate*.

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What is the Virtualizer Programme?

The NCTech Virtualizer Programme is a project to create a fully realised virtual world, enabled by a community of data capturers called Virtualizers.

It’s simple - join the Virtualizer programme and invest in an iSTAR Pulsar Virtualizer Kit at a discounted price of $3,995. By the end of your 4-month induction plan you will have recouped your initial investment - you will own an iSTAR Pulsar and we will continue to provide you routes so that you can keep earning.

During the induction period, you can build your own customer base, processing your own footage on our VR.World platform for a fee, and continue earning from your iSTAR Pulsar.


How does the Virtualizer Programme work?

The Virtualizer Programme has an initial induction period of four months.

Month one

In the first month of the Virtualizer Programme, we want you to take your time familiarising yourself with iSTAR Pulsar - create your own imagery and process it on VR.World - we’ll even cover the first 100 miles of processing fees to get you accustomed to the app and hardware.

Month two to four

We will send you paid capture routes, with the required minimum amount of miles to be covered in those three months. This varies depending on location but is typically between 100 and 200 miles per month. You will be paid per mile of capture. Our rates per mile vary from region to region, however within this period, you will fully recoup your initial investment. During this period you are free to use the system to collect your own data. Your data can be processed on the VR.World platform.

After month four

At the end of the induction capture period, you will own outright your capture system and you will be fully inducted into the Virtualizer Programme. We will continue to offer you paid capture routes via the app.


What do you need to be eligible for the programme?

All you need to be eligible for the programme is:

  • A car (with a magnetic roof for the mount)
  • The time to complete the 100 to 200 miles of capture per month
  • Broadband internet connection
  • A bank account
  • An iOS or Android phone (Android 6.0/ iOS 8.0 or better)
  • An email address

What's included in the programme?

Sign up and you will be sent...


iSTAR Pulsar imaging system

iSTAR Pulsar is a "big data" capture system, a completely autonomous, edge to cloud solution, capable of 11K 360 degree panoramic capture.


Magnetic vehicle mounting system

The Vehicle mount is designed to allow data capture with the iSTAR Pulsar on the road, keeping the device securely fastened at high speeds.


Access to VR.World cloud platform

A personalised login to our cloud platform VR.World gaining access to online training videos and the mobile app.

Virtualizer news

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Frequently asked questions

Which countries can I Virtualize?

We are looking for Virtualizers in countries all over the world, however, there are a few countries where we are not recruiting.

Can I use any vehicle?

Small to medium-sized vehicles are preferred and the vehicle must be capable of driving on public roads. If in any doubt please contact our support team prior to purchase. To ensure consistency of imaging throughout the world, NCTech provides a magnetic vehicle mounting system for the iSTAR Pulsar.

Who can become a VR.World Virtualizer?

The opportunity is open to everyone who purchases an iSTAR Pulsar as part of the Virtualizer Programme, is legally able to work and drive in their area, has a valid bank account and agrees to the terms and conditions in the NCTech VR.World agreement.

Will I be working for NCTech as an employee?

No. Virtualizers are self‐employed, freelance or independent contractors who are looking to add additional income for themselves or their business. The availability of work can be affected by seasonality and demand and we, therefore, recommend you do this work in conjunction with other commercial opportunities.

Does the payment include tax?

No. As a self‐employed contractor/worker you will be required to provide a self‐assessment tax return each year to ensure you pay the appropriate taxation for your country. We would advise that you seek advice on any self‐employment questions with your local tax office.

Can someone else use the camera?

Yes. You can use the camera as an individual, share as part of a group or even issue it to your own employees. The Virtualizer program is an opportunity to add additional income for yourself and/or your business.

How do I know what routes to drive?

On purchasing the iSTAR Pulsar you will be sent a link to download the iSTAR Pulsar app. Requested routes in your area are pushed to you via the app. Through the app, can also have access to training and support, which will allow you to access and choose available routes in your area.

When do I need to Virtualize?

Captures must be done in daylight hours. As long as captures are done in daylight, you can choose your own work pattern (be it a late or early start, weekdays or weekends) to suit your lifestyle. We would, however, recommend that you avoid rush hour in your capture area. We will provide you with a requested timescale for completing the capture. Typically, this will usually be within a two week window.

Can I take a break during the capture?

You can take as many breaks as you want. Just make sure you return to the same point you stopped to take a break and then continue with your capture.

Can I capture using another type of vehicle or on foot?

There is an approved NCTech Explorer Backpack which is available from our store to allow you to capture on foot. The Explorer Backpack is for use on routes that are exclusive to pedestrianised areas. We do not advise that you use any other mode of capture other than a car, van or NCTech’s bespoke Explorer Backpack.

How do I get paid and when?

Payment will be made after verification of completed routes, to the bank account of the registered iStar Pulsar owner on the last day of the following calendar month.

If I capture my own data for my own customer, how do I process this?

Any data that you capture can be processed on the VR.World platform for a fee.