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Scenes of crime – collision investigations

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iSTAR offers Police, Fire and other public safety organisations the ability to easily document scenes of interest in full positional context in seconds.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]iSTAR’s speed and simplicity provides easy access to HDR 360 imaging with minimal user training. The resulting panoramic images can either be viewed independently or linked together via hot-spots to create a ‘virtual tour’, similar to Google StreetView.

iSTAR’s  has incredible low light capability and captures full 360 HDR images with one button press in seconds.

iSTAR is also perfect for external HDR imaging for laser scanning systems and is completely scanner neutral, rapidly colourising point clouds in our unique ColourCloud software, typically to within two pixel accuracy. This colourisation process is fully automatic without the need to export cube faces or pick any common points for cloud to image association.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″]

  • Scene capture, rapidly document details of the scene in full 360 degree context before any changes occur
  • Witness view, capture full contextual images from the witnesses view point
  • Driver view, show full 360 view from the drivers position, showing visibility etc
  • Under vehicle, capture images inside a vehicles involved in accidents to document evidence prior to movement
  • Court room, virtually take jury to the scene for cross examinations of defendants & witnesses
  • Coroner examinations, virtual view of the scene to review facts surrounding the death
  • Insurance liability, contextual information for improved liability decision making
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warwickshire polcie case study

Law enforcement
Collision investigation

“To us iSTAR was a revelation! It has become one of the first bits of kit that comes out of the car and is used by every member of the team.”

Colin Humphreys
Forensic collision investigator Warwickshire Police

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compar colourisation

Technical note
Low light comparison

“I am really liking what this unit can do in the dark with HDR. The iSTAR could be applied to crime scenes, caves, tunnels and manufacturing”

Eugene Liscio
Forensic expert AI2 – 3D

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forensic panorama sample

Law enforcement
Fire investigation

“The key benefit is that it enables you to put the whole scene in context, to be able to see – and show other people who are not fire investigators – how specific items interact with everything else.”

Damian Watts
Hamsphire Fire and Rescue Service Station Manager