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Capture, Brand and Publish to Google Street View

Update Street View with the latest images of your business.

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What is Capture as a Service?

What is Capture as a Service?

Utilise NCTech’s Capture as a Service offering to update Google Street View. We will capture the 360° street-level imagery, brand it with your logo and then publish it to Street View for you.

Rather than wait for Google to update Street View, we will update it when you want, showing what you want viewers to see.

The average new development receives over 35,000 views in the first 3 months, so use Capture as a Service to help your latest developments be seen by thousands of potential customers.

How does Capture as a Service work?

How does Capture as a Service work?

The process is completed in three steps. First, we will drive around your chosen route, capturing the street level imagery. Then we will brand the images with your logo. Finally, we publish the processed images onto Street View for you.






Capture 360° street level imagery

Our drivers will capture the route you choose to best showcase your business with the highest resolution image capture on the market.

  • Choose when you want us to capture
  • Choose the best route for us to drive
  • Captured using Google recommended hardware


Brand the captured imagery with your logo

Increase market exposure with your logo branded onto Street View.

  • Extend your reach to millions of Street View users
  • Distinctly brand the area of capture as your own


Publish to Street View

Using our streamlined process we can have the capture published to street view in less than two weeks.

  • Fast turnaround from capture to Street View
  • Use Street View or Virtual players to view your development
  • Published live on Street View for viewers to find
Example Captures

Over 2 million views

Per week on our captures

Captures in 5 continents
and 17 countries


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will capture remain on Google Street View?

Your capture will remain on Street View for at least 3 months

How long will it take to appear on Street View?

From the date of capture it will take 1-2 weeks to appear on Street View

Can I get access to the raw 360° images?

Yes, you can request access to the images, but there will be a small charge for gaining access

Where can you capture?

We can capture anywhere in the world and upload to Street View. As well as roads, we can capture pedestrianised areas, rural areas, trekking/hiking routes and water routes.

Will license plates and faces be blurred?

Faces and license plates are blurred by Google in our imagery. Images purchased for non Street View purposes will not be blurred.

Will the new capture overwrite the existing capture on Street View?

Yes, the route captured references our high accuracy GPS, IMU and compass systems, so when it is published to Google, it becomes the current capture for the location. Older captures can be referenced through the timeline in google street view.